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YOGA and Sound Meditation 

What is sound meditation??

A quiet, calm and relaxing moment with improvisation by a violin and a modular synthesizer player.

Simple loop sounds might be sometimes deeply grounding, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes mysterious. 

You will find yourself very relaxed and mindful after the sounds go away and wake up.


How does it work?

Just be comfortable. Lying down on the yoga mat, on the ground, sitting up and relying on the wall, ,,,etc.

Close your eyes and pay all your attention to the voice and sounds.

But don't judge. Don't think. Don't follow.

Don't listen but just open your ears and accept the sounds coming into your body.

Maybe you will have emotions during the sounds coming in and out.

Just let it out. Don't chase them.

You will find yourself very relaxed and your mind filled with emptiness afterall.

Who gives the session?

Akie, a violin player, is a passionate yoga practicioner and a meditation practiconer.

She's been practiced yoga for more than 15 years and meditation for 11 years.

She loves silence.

She loves nature sounds.

She loves to observe inner voice and sounds.

That's why she can sense the best sounds for people there to improvise to let them open their heart.

Do you want to experience?

Feel free to send an email via a contact form or  IG (@jiri.official).

She travels anywhere to have a mindful time with you,


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